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Our Nextel customers in Latin America can consolidate business communications needs with only one phone.

  1. Nextel Direct Connect®
  2. International Direct ConnectSM
  3. Nextel Digital Cellular Telephony
  4. Nextel Online
  5. Nextel iAlarm
  6. Nextel Live
  7. BlackBerry
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Nextel Direct Connect®

Communicate instantly and efficiently at the push of a button. Nextel Direct Connect® is a digital two-way radio built into every Nextel handset, and it’s the fastest way to reach people you need to contact the most. Nextel Direct Connect® allows you to stay connected without limits with employees, customers, suppliers, and other Nextel subscribers with total privacy.

Augment your business productivity, reduce your communication costs and better serve your customers with Nextel Direct Connect®.

International Direct ConnectSM

Extend your instant communication beyond the reach of your borders. International Direct ConnectSM enables our customers to instantly and seamlessly use our Direct Connect service with the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru and when traveling to any of these countries. In the Americas, Nextel provides coverage wherever our Direct Connect service is available.

International Direct ConnectSM simplifies coordination of a multinational workforce, improves the decision making process, and eliminates the need for long distance calling, calling cards, operators, busy signals, “phone tag”, voice mail messages and “on hold” time - just get right through.

Nextel Digital Cellular Telephony

Make and receive local, national and international phone calls from your Nextel handset. Our digital telephony service offers features such as call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling. Nextel also offers NextelWorldwideSM, a roaming service available to make calls when traveling to countries not in the Nextel network.

Nextel Online

Nextel Online is the wireless Internet solution for business. It’s the "always connected" wireless data service that provides business customers with the tools and applications they need to access time-sensitive content and information to instantly access time-sensitive content and information.

Nextel iAlarm

When an emergency happens, iAlarm offers customers the ability to discretely send critical information, including their location and a text message, to selected contacts with the touch of a button.

Nextel Live

Nextel Live is an application that allows end-users to surf information right on the home screen from a variety of sources carefully selected by Nextel from third party RSS and ATOM feed providers. The application allows the user to select any headline and read the full article without any delay since all information has already been downloaded. The user is also able to get even more information by accessing the same article on the web and providing additional exposure to other related information from the content provider.


The power of Direct Connect is now in a BlackBerry. Nextel offers the only communications tool in the market capable of integrating the efficiency of email and the immediacy of Direct Connect in a single device.

Nextel brings its customers the ability to provide businesses the mobility and security to keep doing business even when outside of the office. All of Nextel’s business experience is now available in a BlackBerry.


Communicate even when you cannot speak. Nextel offers its customers the convenience of text and multimedia communications through SMS and MMS services.

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